SAROS Collective is an art project founded by Swiss artist and musician C.S.R in 2015, subdivided into 4 different branches:
SAROS Clothing
Clothing line focusing on visualising and stating the powers of artistic and spiritual freedom
SAROS Carving
Custom Skull carving & more
Coming soon
SAROS Vision
Design, Web-Programming, Photography, Audio Production, Mailorder solutions, band promo & more


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SAROS Collective is based on the belief in spiritual freedom. Expansion is our axiom, not restriction.
SAROS Vision is a growing group of artists from different parts of the world, operating in different projects, each one highly experienced in their fields –  together forming a strong & visionary collective offering a wide range of artistic possibilities.
Illustration, design, carving, audio production assisting, web-shop management
Adrian B.
Illustration, design
Anna M.
audio production, painting
Lucas L.
Cheryl C.
band-related promotional text 
Dries G.
Héctor P.
illustration, design
Hendrik W.
illustration, tattoo artist
Natasha X.
Rebecca W.
illustration, design
Simon J.
audio production

12.8.17 – SAROS Collective is expanding. We count 11 members so far.
2.2.17 – First exhibition of our carving work and clothing at the Czar fest in March announced!