SAROS Collective is an art project founded by Swiss artist and musician C.S.R in 2015, subdivided into 4 different branches:
SAROS Clothing
Clothing line focusing on visualising and stating the powers of artistic and spiritual freedom
SAROS Carving
Custom Skull carving & more
Coming soon
SAROS Vision
Design, Web-Programming, Photography, Audio Production, Mailorder solutions, band promo & more


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SAROS Collective is based on the belief in spiritual freedom. Expansion is our axiom, not restriction.
SAROS Vision is a growing group of artists from different parts of the world, operating in different projects, each one highly experienced in their fields –  together forming a strong & visionary collective offering a wide range of artistic possibilities.
Illustration, design, carving, audio production assisting, web-shop management
Adam M.
illustration, design
Adrian B.
Illustration, design
Anna M.
audio production, painting
Lucas L.
Cheryl C.
band-related promotional text 
Dries G.
Héctor P.
illustration, design
Hendrik W.
illustration, tattoo artist
Isabel Z.
illustration, design
Milena K.
photography, video
Natasha X.
Rebecca W.
illustration, design
Simon J.
audio production

20.8.17 – We are looking for screen-printers to team up with! If you’re interested, send us a mail.
12.8.17 – SAROS Collective is expanding. We count 11 members so far.
2.2.17 – First exhibition of our carving work and clothing at the Czar fest in March announced!