SAROS Collective is an art project founded by swiss artist and musician C.S.R in 2015, subdivided into 3 different branches:

SAROS Clothing
Clothing design

SAROS Carving
Custom skull carving & more

SAROS Vision
Design, web-programming, photography, video, band promo & more

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SAROS Collective is based on the belief in spiritual freedom. Expansion is our axiom, not restriction.
SAROS Vision is a group of individual artists, each one highly experienced in their fields – forming a collective that offers a wide range of artistic possibilities.

design, layout, carving, execution

Adrian B.
Illustration, design

Anna L.
illustration, design

Cheryl C.
promotional writing

Dehn Sora
illustration, design, video

Dries G.

Héctor P.
illustration, design

Hendrik W.
illustration, tattoo artist

Isabel Z.
illustration, design

Maks L.
illustration, design

Natasha X.

Rebecca W.
illustration, design, painting

Void Revelations